Absence management

What is absence management?

Absenteeism management is the process of planning, managing and monitoring employee absenteeism. The aim of absence management is to optimise the use of the workforce and to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of workers available to carry out work tasks without compromising the health and safety of employees.

And the flip side: when an employee is sick or injured, their absence has an impact on the organisation. By planning and managing absenteeism, it is easy to identify outages and react more quickly by adding capacity.

A side effect of tracking trends in absenteeism may be to help identify trends that need to be managed.

Why you need an absence tracking tool for your business

Absence “trackers” are used by businesses around the world for a variety of purposes. Which ones are they, you ask?

The 6 key reasons below explain why it pays to invest in a good and reliable absence tracking tool today.

You never know when you might need it, or how much it might change your current workplace management!

#1 Absence Tracker speeds up workplace processes

Firstly, there is no doubt that workplace management tools and software such as absence trackers speed up workplace processes. No matter what method you currently use to check who is taking time off and when, we guarantee that absence tracking tools will do a better and faster job.

Its unique features include:

  • monthly e-mail reports
  • team calendar overviews
  • utilisation and reports on remaining absences
  • custom dials and approval settings
  • quick and easy approval and rejection processes

All this will save you time. The moment you start using the attendance tool, you can say goodbye to hours of tedious paper or Excel work. That’s because these tools are designed to make it easier for you to focus on your core business tasks.

#2 Absence Tracker helps you keep track of all holidays and time off

Another advantage of tracking employee absenteeism and attendance is that it allows you to quickly get an overview of what is currently happening in your workplace.

Need to check if Honza from the marketing department is available next week? Or maybe you need to know if Bara in accounting is off on vacation?

It only takes a few clicks to get this data – and you can get it from anywhere, you just need internet access. Again, this saves you time, plus the data is organized in one place. Don’t worry about having to go through emails from the previous month to find this type of information – absence trackers save you from such tedious tasks.

#3 The whole company has access to a comprehensive holiday calendar

Now think about the current way your employees or subordinates tell you they want to take time off. Are they calling? Are they sending an e-mail? Is the process quick and hassle-free? Probably not.

As you might guess, this is because managing employees and their absences requires quite a bit of effort.

Imagine that an employee calls you after hours to request emergency leave and you have to look at the company’s leave log (which you probably left at the company). As a result, you may hear from them later than they would have liked, or you may not be able to approve their absence at all.

But if you use an absence tracker with a calendar suitable for team collaboration, you’ll never have to bother carrying around absence sheets again. This is because all the important data is available to everyone in real time.

#4 Absence tracking tools to help you comply with leave laws in different countries and regions

Now let’s look on a larger scale, for example at international companies. For them, this advantage of an absence tracking solution is particularly beneficial.

If you deal with workers from different countries, you may be aware that there are different laws on leave for employees.

How can you make sure you know them all and not risk making mistakes when approving employee requests? The answer, of course, is an absence tracking tool.

Thanks to these tools, you no longer have to worry about not knowing how long your paid time off should be, making mistakes in assigning time off, and other issues related to international workplaces. A reliable system can be set up to do these things for you.

#5 You can avoid major lawsuits and fines for breaking the law

Closely related to the previous point is point number 5: avoiding lawsuits and fines.

If you do not follow all the rules of the different countries we have just mentioned, you may end up breaking the law and getting a fine. It takes little to make a mistake or forget a few important regulations. Computers and systems are rarely wrong, aren’t they?

#6 Reducing the cost of absence

Last but not least, a good attendance tracking tool will also reduce the number of unnecessary absence requests at your workplace. The more transparent attendance tracking is, the fewer requests for time off you will see.

With a clear team calendar, set days off and accurate reports, you can avoid rule breaking and misunderstandings.

Transparency in the workplace is important to ensure that everyone feels fair, including rank-and-file employees, management and business owners. With a good attendance tracking tool, you can introduce this type of transparency in your workplace when an employee is absent.

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