What is HRIS?

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System. It is a software or online platform that enables organisations to manage and automate various HR functions and processes. HRIS systems are designed to streamline human resource management activities, improve efficiency, and enhance decision-making within an organisation.

What areas covers HRIS?

HRIS typically includes a comprehensive and vast set of features and modules that encompass various aspects of HR management. They all together contribute to mapping the whole employee lifecycle, which you can read about in this free ebook.

Among the most essential areas covered by HRIS are:

  • Recruitment and applicant tracking: HRIS supports organisations in handling the entire recruitment process, beginning with the posting of job openings and collecting applications, all the way to monitoring the progress of candidates and overseeing the hiring workflow.
  • Employee data management: HRIS acts as a centralised hub where employee information is stored and managed. It encompasses a wide range of data, including personal particulars, contact details, work experience, performance records, skills, certifications, and various other relevant details.
  • Attendance and activities tracking: HRIS tracks employee attendance, work hours, overtime, absences, and other time-related data. This information helps automate time and attendance management and facilitates accurate payroll processing.
  • Performance management: HRIS plays a supportive role in managing performance within an organisation. They facilitate important aspects of performance management, such as establishing goals, conducting performance evaluations, managing feedback, and monitoring performance progress.
  • Training and development: HRIS aids in streamlining training and development initiatives by effectively managing training programs, monitoring employee engagement and completion of training activities, and identifying areas where additional skills or knowledge may be required.
  • Employee self-service: HRIS frequently offers self-service portals or mobile applications that empower employees to access their own information, make updates to personal details, submit vacation requests, access training materials, and actively participate in activities related to performance management.
  • Reporting and analytics: HRIS systems produce reports and analytics that offer valuable insights into various HR metrics, including workforce demographics, turnover rates, effectiveness of training programs, trends in performance, and other relevant data.


It’s important to note that the specific features and functionalities of HRIS can vary depending on the software or platform chosen by an organisation, and some systems may cover additional areas beyond the ones listed above.

How to choose the right HRIS?

Choosing the right HRIS (Human Resource Information System) involves identifying your organisation’s specific needs, assessing scalability and flexibility, evaluating integration capabilities, considering user-friendliness and ease of implementation, and exploring customization options. By carefully considering these factors, you can select an HRIS that aligns with your requirements, streamlines HR processes, and supports your organisation’s growth and development.

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