Turquoise company

A turquoise company (or turquoise organization) does not have a classic hierarchical structure, with a CEO at the head and other department managers below him. It is a system based on a flat structure with self-management, not power and positions.

The functioning of turquoise organisations was described in 2014 by Belgian author Frederic Laloux in his book The Future of Organisations. He examined how human communities have evolved and distinguished the different types of organisations by colour for clarity.

In turquoise companies, instead of jobs with precise job descriptions, people are assigned areas for which they take responsibility. Šimon Steffal, founder of Mindset Mentors, in an interview with Sloneek, describes the turquoise company’s operation using a simple example: ‘If there is a person in the company who takes care of graphics, he or she has the freedom to make all decisions regarding graphics. It doesn’t mean that he can’t ask for insights, advice or comments from other colleagues, but the final decision is his because he has the highest competence in this area.”

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