• Working time records
  • Introduction of order in the administration
  • Records of hours worked
  • Shift planning and attendance
  • Worksheets
  • Time tracking
  • Onboarding
  • Records of work aids
  • Signing documents

Working hours and absences

In non-profit organizations, we most often see regular jobs, which can be easily defined in Sloneek and thus, in combination with the registration and approval of absences, have an immediately prepared statement of working hours as the most important basis for wages.


Records of work aids

Order makes friends, and it pays twice as much when handing over and registering expensive work aids. Sloneek enables complete digitization of transfer protocols and registration of small assets. The receipt of the device is confirmed by the digital signature of the recipient, the authorized property managers have complete overviews of who has what device, how old it is and in what condition it is.


Time tracking

If you work on a project which involves external local and international collaborators, you can report their time worked using time tracking, which is part of the Activities module. In this module it is also possible to schedule shifts and report time worked using timesheets. For one price you get a very twice as powerful tool.


Signing documents

The reality of the non-profit sector is often associated with bureaucracy. We would like to contribute to its reduction by the Documents module, which, in addition to the compliance function, also enables the signing of documents by internal collaborators and external persons who do not have an account created in the application.

What do our clients say about us?

Over 2.000 customers have already used our human resources software.

Lucie Smetanová
Josef Šachta

“Sloneek has been beneficial for me personally in that it has simplified my work a lot when I am preparing documents for payroll. I use the monthly attendance reports. I can see the overlap between attendance and HO in the integrated calendar. Overall, Sloneek fits perfectly into the overall digitalization of our school.”

Lucie Smetanová

HR manager | Montessori Andílek

“Sloneek is highly automated, fast, allows you to register quickly, and edit settings, all whilst facilitating you in knowing the status of each one of your employees. ”


CEO | Institute for Monuments and Culture

"Sloneek has brought clarity and order to our work."

Lukáš Hejna

Fundraising Director | Nadace Via

"Thanks to Sloneek, everyone has a real-time overview of colleagues' movements and plans. The system is also flexible enough to keep track of the work of interns and volunteers, without whom our activities cannot do without."

Pavla Gomba

Executive Director | Czech Committee for UNICEF

“Sloneek has helped us to quickly bring clarity and order to the HR administration of our rapidly growing company. When we didn't know what to do, Sloneek's support team was quick and helpful. We also appreciate the constant improvement of the application to better and more flexibly respond to the demands of the very dynamic changes we are experiencing :) “

Josef Šachta

CEO & co-founder

Do you need to discuss the suitability of deployment in your company in person? Contact our expert:

Vaclav Martin , Co-founder