Entering shifts

Shift assignment for employees and freelancers

Easy assignment of shifts to workers based on availability.

  • Shift planning for a week or longer
  • Notification of new or changed shifts
Shift management

Shift management and working hours

Gain full control over the scheduling and analysis of your employees' working hours with the Shift Scheduling and Employee Time Tracking tool.

  • Possibility of modifying existing shifts and removing them
  • Shift updates from anywhere, anytime
  • Comparison of planned shifts and actual hours worked
Overview of absences

Overview of absences and leave

Customise the way you view employee shift schedules and optimise scheduling. Your colleagues will have a better overview of their shifts. Displaying absences in the shift schedule will give you an overview of availability.

  • Display of absences and holidays
  • Adjustment of work shift according to expected absences
  • More accurate and clearer shift planning

Simplify shift planning for yourself and your colleagues

Replace hours spent creating a work schedule with intuitive shift planning in a few clicks

Without Sloneek

  • you record shifts in spreadsheets or on paper
  • you correct mistakes in planning at the last minute
  • you answer a lot of questions about shifts

With Sloneek

  • you know who works where and when
  • the system will alert you to gaps or conflicts in the plan
  • every employee knows when and where they work

Interested in learning more about Sloneek?

Meet Sloneek! Our experts Jack, Adam, Emily and Sebastian will guide you through our solution and answer all your questions.

  • guide you through the features of the app
  • will answer all your questions
  • prepare a presentation and a tailor-made offer
  • provide top onboarding
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