Work-life balance

Who hasn’t heard of the concept of work-life balance? Now more than ever, it is important for every employee to have a work-life balance. But how to achieve this? Work-life balance is a very broad – and also highly subjective – phenomenon and therefore no “one-size-fits-all” guidance can be provided. However, through targeted means, methods and a supportive company culture, every company can make a significant contribution to making its employees feel happier.

Some of the tools for achieving an optimal balance include flexible working, teleworking, remote working, regular feedback from employees, an individual and human approach and, above all, respect for the employee’s personal life.

At Sloneek, we firmly believe that employers should not abdicate responsibility for their employees’ satisfaction with work-life balance, as their approach has a major impact on it. 🙂 Studies have also repeatedly confirmed that a satisfied employee brings much more productivity and prosperity to a company.